Our Story

     Atlanta Weight Loss & Wellness Associates was born in November of 2010, after the founder Sabrina lost 72 lbs on the amazing Dr. Simeon's Program. Sabrina's daughters saw her transformation and decided to try it as well with much success. Realizing how much of an impact weight loss and health promotion had on their lives; Sabrina partnered with Dr. Miguel E. Stubbs and a ministry was born to help others improve their quality of life through loss of excess weight and promotion of environmental awareness.

     We began in living rooms, restaurants, cars & hotels and after growing from six to six-thousand, we became a support family that provides each other love, encouragement and support through text messages, phone calls, individualized coaching, education and personalized service. We opened our first real office in September 2011, and modeled it to feel like the living room we were all accustomed to. Since that time, we have transitioned and mobilized to maintain quality and affordability to those in need. We hope that you find our family warm and caring and look forward to serving you!

A Note from Nurse Sabrina


     I was called to the nursing profession at the age of 12 and officially licensed in 1988. I come from a military family, so it was of no surprise that I enlisted in the United States Army during the Persian Gulf War. I served a total of 14 years between active Army and National Guard as a combat support nurse and transition assistance. I am a proud member of SigmaPhiPsi Sorority for women of the Armed Forces.

     I obtained a Diploma in Practical Nursing in 1988 from Albany Technical College in Albany GA, an Associate of Science in Nursing in 1996 from DeKalb College in Atlanta GA, a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management in 2005 from Albany State University in Albany GA  & a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2014 from Chamberlain College of Nursing. 

​     I was drawn to health, wellness, weight management and holistic healing after a life long battle with my excess weight became realized for what it was. "A manageable illness"


     Happiness is whatever "YOU" say it is! You need only take the "FIRST" step!

 Much Love!

Nurse Sabrina