Attention: HCG IS NO LONGER  AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE Effective 3/ 21/2020

Due to the FDA reclassification of HCG as a biologic product, all pharmacies will be prohibited from compounding it and HCG is no longer available for purchase. 


B-COMPLEX (6 Weekly Doses) ~ $100

(B12 1000MCG/B6 100MG/B5 100MG/B3 100MG/B2 20MG) PER 1ML

Vitamins B6, B12, C, D, E, folic acid, zinc, and selenium all support immunity at a cellular level. B-Complex effectively boosts immunity, assists in nervous system function, combats burnout, fatigue, anemia, & hair loss. If you are on Statins for high cholesterol, you are at high risk of vitamin B deficiency.












Basic Lipovite ~ 6/$160 or $30 each 

A unique combination of B-Complex, Lipotropics (3 Fatburners), & L-Carnitine


High-Potency Lipovite ~ 6/$200 or $50 each  

A megadose of a unique combination of B-Complex, Lipotropics

(3 Fat burners), & L-Carnitine to effectively accelerate any weight-loss program


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If you have not already done so, you may purchase your products directly from our website as well, as they should be ordered at least two-three (2-3) days prior to your appointment to be available for pickup either at your appointment or when you arrive at the pharmacy. Our compounding pharmacy information will be provided to you during your appointment. Product availability is not guaranteed with same day (of appointment) purchases.


Your prescription will be released by us after you have completed your appointment. All appointments must be paid by noon on the day before your appointment to prevent cancellation. This is our method of confirming that you intend to keep your appointment.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please text (678) 289-0006 with your name and question. We are available for coaching for all clients on any programs, so please allow time for response. Referrals are the greatest compliment one can give us and we appreciate your trust!


A powerful purifying system, Unicity Cleanse contains all-natural cleansing and digestive health products to neutralize and dislodge toxins, waste, and parasites and remove them from your body. Containing UNICITYLIFIBER, UNICITYPARAWAY PLUS, and UNICITYALOE VERA, it acts like a gentle brush—grabbing buildup and cleansing your entire digestive system. Cleanse with Aloe Vera helps rid the body of toxins with a daily capsule.