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Frequently Asked Questions

Overall, there is a great deal of commonality among HCG diet protocol information sources, but there are some significant differences of opinion from one source to another source, also. You can find many sites with more HCG FAQ simply by searching “HCG FAQ .”

Remarkably, the manuscript from so many years ago still covers almost all of the frequently asked HCG questions except those relating to new types of HCG applications i.e. sublingual, homeopathic, prescription cream and actual protocol questions including those listed below. Dr. Simeons did his homework indeed.


What is HCG? HCG is a bio-identical hormone to the one produced by the body. It is produced under sterile conditions in a lab. How much weight can I loose on HCG? Women typically lose 0.5-1 lb per day. Men typically lose 0.75 lbs to 2 lbs per day. Since HCG is used in infertility treatment for both men and women by the mainstream medical community, it is considered safe


What are the typical results seen while taking HCG? Loss of 20-30 lbs in about 30-40 days, assuming that you are correctly following the low calorie diet and all the other rules (no oily make-up, no lotions, etc) without cheating or errors. What are the positive effects of HCG? Besides the accelerated weight loss and body re-shaping, many clients report: more deep sleep; lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels while on HCG, and sometimes continuing afterwards; less insulin or other medications required while on the protocol; higher energy levels without a nervous or edgy feeling; and a general feeling of well-being.


What is the hypothalamus gland? The hypothalamus gland moderates the thyroid, adrenals, fat storage, and more importantly, your metabolic rate.


What are some negative side effects sometimes experienced while HCG is present in the body? While on the protocol some clients report: a headache during the first week of the protocol (this is usually due to fluid retention or carb & sugar withdrawal and can be addressed with aspirin or Tylenol); leg cramping (which can usually be managed with potassium (in spinach) intake); temporary hair thinning (the same phenomenon that occurs after child birth or any other weight loss method). Note: We have yet to have any clients report hair thinning, but if you experience any, please report it to the nurse. Bear in mind that any loss is temporary and regrows after protocol. Ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome is when the ovaries are over-stimulated and super ovulation occurs. Women who are in their childbearing years that have elevated estrogen levels are more likely to develop this if sensitive to HCG, but still it is rare. Read up on this condition. Abdominal swelling and tenderness could be a symptom of this. Call your provider and cease injections if you develop pelvic pain, swelling and tenderness.

Why do I have to restrict my caloric intake to only 500-800 calories daily (VLCD-very low calorie DIET)? You are on a VLCD (very low calorie diet) of approximately 500-800 calories, because according to Dr. Simeon’s, while you are on the HCG, your body is releasing 1500-4000 calories from abnormal fat into your bloodstream each day from your fat reserves. So, theoretically, with the 500-800 calories you are taking in by mouth plus the 1500-4000 calories being release into your system, you are actually getting the benefit of (500-800+1500-4000) =2000-4800 calories each day. Nurse Note: Understand that if there is no restriction in calories, sugar and processed food consumption, there is no stimulus to burn fat for energy.


What will I eat on this Protocol? Do I have to buy diet food? Most clients will eat fresh food bought directly from the grocery store. The diet listed is very detailed. There are new food options becoming available for convenience. Check out our wellness shoppe for some options. Some products that make the program much more palatable are the Walden Farms and other dressings/marinades. We also have pre-cooked HCG friendly meals available for purchase and direct shipping to your door if desired. There is no mandatory “program food” required to complete the program.


Can I chew gum or eat mints while on protocol? If you must, please use Xyliol gum/mints which are sweetened entirely with Xylitol, an herbal sweetener. You may find these in our wellness shoppe as well or at an herb store of your choice. Of course being on a 500-800 calorie diet will help you to lose weight.


How is the HCG protocol different from any other diet out there? Dr. Simeons, the physician who developed the HCG Protocol, said, “When an obese patient tries to reduce by starving himself, he will first lose his normal fat reserves. When these are exhausted he begins to burn up structural fat, and only as a last resort, will the body yield its abnormal reserves though by that time the patient usually feels so weak and hungry that the diet is abandoned. It is just for this reason that obese patients complain that when they diet they lose the wrong fats. They feel famished and tired and their face becomes drawn and haggard, but their butt, hips, thighs and upper arms show little improvement.” To rephrase Dr. Simeons: The HCG allows your body to tap into its abnormal fat deposits (shoulders, upper arms, belly, hips, thighs, and buttocks). These deposits are not usually accessible to the body until the person has gone through both his normal fat and structural fat as described above. This is the reason why no matter how much some people exercise and starve himself / herself, they still have, for example, a “big butt”. The HCG coupled with the very low calorie diet allows a person to tap into abnormal fat deposits which release nutritious calories into the blood stream to be used by the body. This is similar to how a pregnant woman, who is nauseous for weeks at a time, and not able to keep food down, typically remains healthy and is additionally able to give birth to a healthy baby. This release of fat calories into the blood stream is also why clients taking HCG are generally not hungry and have plenty of energy. HCG actually releases 1500-4000 calories per day into the bloodstream, according to Dr. Simeons. By the way, this is the ONLY reason why it is okay to be on a 500-800 calorie diet. Without HCG releasing the abnormal fat and, therefore, many calories into the bloodstream, the client would look haggard, feel starved, and face excessive nutritional deficiency. Besides tapping into the abnormal fat deposits, HCG also proposes to affect your base metabolism. As yet another positive side effect, this provides a detox and gives your entire system a rest from the onslaught of not so-healthy food and drinks we normally ingest by allowing only a small amount of relatively healthy items to be processed in your body and by your hypothalamus. Some experts feel this ‘detox’ allows your hypothalamus to rid itself of the chemical build-up that could be preventing weight loss and re-establishes the natural functioning and hormone release of the hypothalamus.


Who developed this protocol? Is it safe? Dr. AT.W. Simeons developed the HCG Protocol in Italy in the 1950’s. He worked on the study of obesity for 40 years and on this protocol, specifically for about 20 years. He helped countless patients in his clinic. Dr. Simeons found the protocol to be extremely safe and effective. We concur as we have helped thousands of clients use the protocol with great weight loss and significant improvement in overall health. Keep in mind this is the same hormone produced naturally in a pregnant woman’s body. It is also frequently used in infertility treatments for both women and men. Additionally, with infertility and other treatments involving HCG, the HCG administered is substantially higher than the amount administered for weight loss in the HCG Weight Loss Protocol. Just to put it into perspective, Dr. Simeon advised each patient on the HCG protocol to administer 125iu (25units) of HCG per day for a maximum of 40 days. However, during pregnancy, a woman can produce up to 1,000,000 units per day.


Is HCG FDA approved? The FDA has approved HCG for infertility and other treatments, but not specifically for weight loss. While this may be alarming to some potential clients, we do NOT disagree with the FDA because HCG alone does NOT make you lose weight. It is ONLY when HCG is used correctly with Dr. Simeons Diet Protocol that clients see the amazing typical weight loss of 20-30lbs in 30-40 days.


Can I continue taking my medications / vitamins while on the HCG Protocol? For prescription medications, you should always talk to your doctor before stopping or changing any medications. Many clients do just great with medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid, and many others. Additionally, if you are on medications, such as for high blood pressure and diabetes, you should be monitored by your physician because some medications require adjustment during the protocol as a natural (and good) side effect of the HCG. However, participants using hormone replacement therapy, steroids, seizure medications, and other medications with “weight gain” as a possible side effect may experience slowed or stalled weight loss. Nurse Note: I require that if you have high blood pressure, and take medication; that you monitor your blood pressure and notify your primary care physician if it is too low, so that your medication can be adjusted if needed. Likewise if you are diabetic, please monitor your blood sugar daily for hypoglycemia. If not contraindicated, you will need to take a low dose (81mg) enteric-coated aspirin for clot preventive and Super Calcium with D4 which may be found at any wellness or drug store. Regarding the vitamins allowed while on the 500-800 calorie part of the diet, Dr. Simeon says, “Patients whose teeth are in poor repair sometimes get more trouble under prolonged treatment, just as may occur in pregnancy. In such cases we do allow calcium and vitamin D, though not in an oily solution. The only other vitamin we permit is vitamin C, which we use in conjunction with an antibiotic if this is required, for instance by the dentist. In cases of bronchial asthma or hay fever we have occasionally resorted to cortisone during treatment and find that triamcinolone is least likely to interfere with the loss of weight, but many asthmatics improve with HCG alone.”


Is this HCG protocol illegal? No! While the FDA does not allow anyone to say that HCG causes weight loss, any MD, DO, etc. can write a prescription for the HCG. Use of HCG may be considered ‘off label’ use of the prescription. This is reasonable since HCG by itself certainly does NOT cause weight loss. More accurately, HCG allows quick, appropriate fat loss when intake is restricted, such as when a pregnant woman cannot eat or keep food down for several days OR when someone is on the 500-800 calorie phase of the protocol. Many doctors have never heard of Dr. Simeons protocol and, therefore, may simply choose not to write the prescription due to the FDA’s recommendation but again, physicians are legally able to write the prescription.


Is eating organic required and expensive? No, it is not required. It is recommended by most because it is healthier for you, but again, not necessary to have successful weight loss. Yes, organic is more expensive, but you can start switching a little at a time as your budget allows. Some estimates for the price difference are 15-25%, which can probably be afforded on the protocol because you are eating much less food overall.


Is losing weight this fast unhealthy? Not with the HCG Protocol. Generally, rapid weight loss would be accompanied by major loss of muscle; however, HCG makes a huge difference. Clients consistently report losing fat, not muscle, and feeling great. As of 2011-2012, Dr. Emma seen on the Dr. OZ Show has completed as study that shows only a 1% muscle loss on the HCG protocol as compared to a 5% muscle loss with a low calorie diet alone.


Isn’t skipping breakfasts bad for you? Yes. But you won’t be skipping breakfast, unless you just can’t get it down. We prefer that our clients consume a small to moderate amount of protein for breakfast. You will help your metabolism more by consuming  protein. Fruit is natural, but still sugar, so your body does not know the difference.


Won’t I feel as if I am starving, if I only consume 500-800 calories per day? NO! There are some clients who experience some hunger the first 2-5 days of the low calorie diet but even with those clients, the hunger usually disappears after the first week. As a matter of fact, it is not unheard of for clients to report being so ‘full’ they can’t eat all of the food. Because HCG releases your fat reserves, your body begins to “consume” its own fat, which acts as a source of energy in place of food. 


Will I gain all the weight back plus some as soon as I stop the vlcd phase? If you perform the maintenance phase correctly and eat like a normal, healthy person, your body should lock in on your new, lower weight, and maintain your great loss without much effort at all. Review stabilization and maintenance meticulously to improve your long term results. Your stabilization packet is attached to your HCG Education Packet sent to you when you schedule your appointment online.


What makes this protocol different from everything else that’s out there? Dr. Simeons proposed that this wonderful protocol 1) resets the hypothalamus gland so that you go forward with better metabolism to avoid gaining the weight back; 2) reshapes the body by tapping into the abnormal fat such as saddlebags and pear-shaped areas without making the face and chest thin, 3) takes care of the skin as reduction occurs, 4) takes care of hunger, 5) requires no exercise, and 6) usually promotes and overall feeling of well-being.


What about colonics and the specialty teas? Experts disagree on the worthiness of Colonics. Either way, colonics or specialty teas are not required to successfully complete the HCG diet protocol. On the other hand, some specialty teas such as green tea are reported to have health benefits and reduce hunger if hunger is an issue. If you desire a colonic, do it before you begin the vlcd portion of your protocol, or just wait until you are done with your program.


I am a busy person, what about eating out? Most clients are more successful if restaurant eating is avoided. The HCG diet protocol requires a short term commitment, but offers long term results if completed correctly. For emergency purposes, we have found the McDonald's grilled chicken breast and side salad with no dressing or an HCG-friendly dressing is a good, quick backup. Lion's Choice roast beef and celery sticks have also been found to not negatively affect weight loss among many clients. Now if you have to or want to go out for a nice dinner, lobster and asparagus (without butter, of course), shrimp cocktail (no sauce), or small piece of filet are good choices. From our perspective, we can do ANYTHING for 30-40 days especially if the payoff (fat loss) is so significant.


(Ladies) Why can’t you take HCG during menstruation on the HCG protocol? Do not take your HCG during your cycle. The day your menstrual cycle begins, cease your injections the following morning when your progesterone levels rise. Continue your vlcd during this time and only increase your calories to 800-1000, if your cycle extends beyond 3 days. It is normal to have cravings during your cycle. We do carry HCG safe candy & chocolate in our wellness shoppe. During menstruation HCG is already being made by the body. If you introduce additional HCG, then your body may become immune to the benefits of HCG, such as the no appetite, and the continuing weight loss. The first day of your cycle is fine, but the following heavy day you must stop your injections but remain on the low calorie diet. The day your cycle is going off, resume your injections. Be prepared to experience hunger the first day after the period, but on that day use Oolong Long tea, Green tea or Hoodia to help curb your appetite until the next day when your appetite will decrease again.